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Peru - East Sullivan Property

Property, Location and Access

The East Sullivan property is located approximately 8 kilometres to the South East of the city of Val D’Or in the gold mining district of Abitibi, Québec. The property consists of 21 adjacent and irregular claims that are 100% owned by Sulliden for a total area of approximately 334 hectares. The property is easily accessed and serviceable from the city of Val D’Or.

Geological Context

On a regional scale, the property is located in the South Volcanic Zone of the Archean Abitibi greenstone belt. The Louvicourt Group in the South Volcanic Zone consists of volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Val-D’Or and of the Héva Formations, which host several volcanogenic massive sulphides in the area.

The Louvem, Manitou, Louvicourt, Dunraine and East-Sullivan massive sulphide deposits are located 8 to 16 km from the property. Locally, the property is covered by a succession of volcanic rocks in contact with a massive granitic intrusion. The regional Cadillac fault is found 1 km to the West of the property. Locally, important fault/shear zones (roughly oriented E-W) crosscut the property.

Historical work

This area has been explored for both gold and base metals over the past starting as early as 1872. The property encompasses the ancient East Sullivan polymetallic mine operated from 1949 to 1966 by East Sullivan Mines and Sullico Mine. During this period, nearly 16.4 M tonnes at a grade of 1.03% Cu, 0.7% Zn, 0.3 g/t Au and 9.6 g/t Ag were extracted. From 1980 to 1990, Nugold Enterprises and Exploration Denn’Or explored for gold in the eastern part of the property. The main conclusions from a compilation report performed in 1993 are the following:

  • Most of East-Sullivan’s ore was extracted from 3 massive lenses located between the surface and level 900 ft (or 273 m of vertical depth). Thirteen zones of disseminated mineralization down to the level of 2250 ft (or 682 m) were also located.
  • A zinc-rich zone associated to a fragmented horizon North of the mine and continuous over the total lateral extension of the mine was not fully investigated.
  • A gold structure, which crosscuts the property from East to West, was partially explored on surface and at level 1050 ft ( or 318 m). A total historical “geological resource” of 401, 317 tonnes @ 5.07 g/t Au was estimated from this zone with a cut-off of 1.7 g/t Au.
  • Two anomalies, in the western part of the property near the old mine, were detected in an IP survey performed in 1993 by Sulliden with no drill follow-up.
  • Statutory work for an amount of $1.1 million has been accumulated over the years on the 21 claims. This amount is available for work credit with the MRNF of Quebec.

*These estimates are historical in nature and should not be relied on.

Planned Activities

Sulliden is currently reviewing and developing the exploration program for the East Sullivan property based on noteworthy IP anomalies detected in the 1993 survey. Sulliden is looking at the potential for a shear-related gold zone that could be further explored at depth and along related secondary structures, as well as a zinc-rich zone that could contain economic concentration of mineralization.